It's beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas! I know it's not even quite Thanksgiving yet but we recently had a snowfall in our little nook of the valley...
As you can see it was a bit of a winterwonderland we found ourselves in! Absolutely gorgeous.

Jackson was a tired little boy after his day of playing, first time he's ever seen snow and he absolutely loved it...

I'm seriously like a kid when the snow comes. I wake up early...

 Throw my boots on over my pj's...
 And run out to play in the snow!
 Jackson loves the snow so much too!
 He played and played while I snapped away
The three of us had such a fun snow day, love my family so much!!


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Day 3: Getting things done.

I am not an organized person by nature. I try and try and try and just don't quite have the follow through to keep up with all of that, well organizing. But I need to be better. So today I got things done, including finally ordering more business cards. And calling the repair man back. And paying my car payment and getting all almost all of the laundry done. I've also been thinking my one post a day should really include a photo, since this is after all a photography blog. We had such a gorgeous fall, unfortunately the rain is here now and probably not going anywhere for a long, long time. I really gotta find time to get to Vegas soon, man I miss that place. Here are a few fall time pics of mine, hope you enjoy!

I just love messing around with moving my camera and lens and seeing what kinds of affects I can get. Loved how this came out!

Fall in Oregon is so pretty!


Day two.

I'm feeling overwhelmed lately. Lots to do. Have to head to work now...

Welcome baby Jack!

So this little guy was just so much fun to work with, at only nine days old he was so alert and as long as we kept his clothes on, happy as a clam! Already trying to hold his head up and constantly wiggling around it was unlike any other newborn shoot I've done. Although any challenges I came across were far outweighed by the smiles and laughter that filled the house as we tried to coax this sweet babe to sleep between outfit changes! Hope you enjoy a few pictures from our day!

I just LOVE this one. So much!

One of Jack's grandmas made this adorable blanket for him.

You can already tell these two are going to have a special father-son bond.

Even puppy Lily is excited for Jack's arrival!
So much love in this family!