Not Me Monday: Moving Rendition

"Not Me Monday" was created by MckMama, a fellow photographer and extremely talented blogger (hop on over here to see what she wasn't up to this week:http://mycharmingkids.net/2011/09/not-me-monday-66/)
 I just love the idea and had to tuck myself away for a few minutes to let you know what I haven't been up to this past week....

For starters I definitely did not first type "bloggist" instead of blogger just above only to realize "bloggist" is not exactly a word. If  I had done this I definitely did not think to myself "hmmm perhaps bloggist sounds better anyway" I am definitely not incredibly sleep deprived from moving all week and would never have thought such a silly thought. Not me.

Oh yes in case you haven't heard I've been moving all week. This move definitely isn't making me never want to move again, and it's definitely not the never ending stuff that seems to keep popping up at our old house making me feel that way. There's absolutely no way I've been thinking to myself all week that we need to downsize in a BIG way, and I definitely haven't decided that the best way to do this would be to have a garage sale in the next two weeks. I would never be so crazy as to think on top of moving and my three jobs I'm currently trying to juggle that I would have the time to organize a garage sale! Nope, not me.

Thursday evening while taking the final load (of the night) to the new house my jeep and I did not find ourselves in quite the pickle when we came across some road construction and someone had moved some cones! It definitely didn't pop both of my drivers side tires. If it had I never would have called Josh crying making him think something was really wrong. It definitely did not end up being a $500 incident once all was said and done.

I definitely haven't had trouble finding any of my kitchen supplies since the move and when I came home tonight starving I definitely did not find a packet of instant mash potatoes and a box of stuffing. If I had there is absolutely no way I would have used my one and only pan I can find to cook them. And I'm definitely not sitting here eating them right now....nope. NOT ME!

What have you not been up to this week?

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