Such a controversial word. What does it mean? Why does it mean that? Well if it means one thing to you and another to me does that make one of us wrong? What is Christmas really all about?

It's been a question that's been on my mind a lot lately. The cynics claim it is a commercialized holiday that has meaning no deeper then the glam and glitter of it all, I surely don't believe that to be true. But after a recent conversation I had I did find myself questioning certain things. I was not questioning if I believe Christmas to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. I do. I was also not questioning my love of the holiday. I love Christmas because to be it is a time that is filled with love and hope and miracles. Do I buy into the glitter and glam of it all? I do. I love that for one month a year the world seems a little bit brighter, I love decorating my house and the cheer that comes along with those decorations. Does this make my belief less? Does the fact that I enjoy putting up twinkle lights and snow globes and a big tall tree make me naive to the sadness and loneliness that can also surround this holiday? No I don't think so.

I was lucky, I grew up in a home where Christmas was celebrated for all that was beautiful about it, I don't take that for granted for a second. I know that for so many this holiday is something to be dreaded, something where the positive memories I am so fond of just aren't there. And it makes me sad. Makes my heart hurt for those who don't know the joy I feel from this time of year. And as easy as it would be to buy into the cynicism I just can't, I still want to make people love it, see it as I do. A special time of year for telling and showing your loved ones how much they mean to you. The presents, the lights and the tree. Honestly it's not why I love it. The glitter and glam are like the salt and pepper. It's not why you are eating the food, but it makes it taste that much better so why not.

 I had an amazing Christmas this year, filled with family and love and laughter. Merry Christmas to you and may your home be filled with love throughout this season!